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New Sierra Lutheran High School graduates prepare for future

Ive always been a little bit of a perfectionist, she explained. I dont think I was really striving for the role of valedictorian. I was just striving to do my best, pushing myself to be the best student I could be. Salutatorian Abby Williams, 18, came to her spot in a roundabout way. As a student at Bethlehem Lutheran School in Carson City, she struggled with her grades. She often turned in assignments late or not at all. In high school, she rededicated herself.
Source: http://www.nevadaappeal.com/news/local/6744611-113/lutheran-class-sierra-really

Letter/Editor Bonney Lake High School honored 10 soon-to-graduate students in its annual Senior Showcase May 8. Every year prior to graduation, Bonney Lake High School faculty nominate students who demonstrate "excellence of mind (and) strength of character."In 2013, those students were Jessica Bahr, Amanda Body, Chelsea Crawford, Sierra Espinal, Taylor Friend, Michael Furnstahl, Zach Jones, Josh Kersey, Madisen Liddle and Karissa Olsen. Espinal and Friend emceed the Wednesday night ceremony, announcing their fellow honorees to a procession of friends, family and faculty. Body is a founding member and co-president of the Panthers' Robotics Club and recently earned a $20,000 engineering scholarship to the University of Idaho, where she said she planned to study mechanical engineering. Nominating teacher Jason Vander Hoek noted that Body often works with other student and looks out for those left out of groups. "She is just a fantastic person," Vander Hoek said in a video about the honorees played at the ceremony.
Source: http://www.blscourierherald.com/news/207582451.html

You like big-assed, fake-looking, cornrowed twins? Then you'll like the Shannon Sisters

Who can blame her for not wanting to blithely flaunt that which affords her a living; if my arse didn't http://www.karissashannontape.net/ look like it belonged to one of those hairy mannequins you find in the Stone Age section of the museum I'd be picky about when and where I showed it off also. Unfortunately Karissa had to go all high maintenance and threaten to sue Big Brother on account of the de-bagging incident and also because Frankie Cocozza "sexually harrasses" her. Which, let's face it, he probably does. When people call Frankie Cocozza a dick it's not only an insult but also a succinct description of his sole attribute as a human being. Speaking of Frankie Cocozza, this whole debacle has now led to him becoming the favourite to win.
Source: http://www.craveonline.com/lifestyle/articles/181861-karissa-shannon-caught-with-her-pants-down

Karissa Shannon Caught With Her Pants Down

Some twisted fantasy in the heterosexual male mind that finds cajoling sisters into getting it on with each other endlessly fascinating? Whatever is happening there, it endures even with the likes of Kristina and Karissa Shannon, despite their obvious drawbacks as fake, skanky-looking delinquents. These two have done every scuzzy thing from shacking up with Hugh Hefner as part of his live-in harem, doing sex tapes with the likes of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, having other sex tapes released by porn studios and getting arrested for assault outside clubs. Add to that their totally obvious implants across the breadth of their bodies, stupid fake platinum blonde hair tied up into horrible cornrows and goofy spray on tans. What an obvious pair of superficial, wannabe celebrity nightmares. I would totally bang the shit out of both of them. Being a guy can be a degrading experience sometimes.
Source: http://www.joblo.com/hollywood-celebrities/gossip/you-like-big-assed-fake-looking-cornrowed-twins-then-youll-like-the-shannon-sisters

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