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Farrah Abraham & The Case Of The Horrific Red Carpet Dress

On August 18 Farrah created an Amazon wish list and asked fans to purchase her more than $13,000 worth of gifts, and despite the negative press she got RadarOnline.com has exclusively learnedshe thinks shes fortunate to receive amazing gifts from people. You know what? I think if they are so hateful towards having an Amazon wish list, I recommend that they maybe make their own wish list, she said. PHOTOS: Farrah Abraham Celebrates Her Birthday At XXX Rated Trade Show Its just something fun like having any other app for whatever list you would like to create, like Pinterests that you have. And the joke is on her haters,becauseas of August 23, everything on Farrahs list has been purchased for her! So I mean everyone has their own money, everyone strives to buy their own things, but Im fortunate I guess because I receive amazing gifts all the time from people, Farrah continued. So I think any negative comments can be kept to themselves. Farrah claims her fans wereobsessed with the Amazon list and she was urged to create her own.
Source: http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/08/farrah-abraham-teen-mom-amazon-wish-list/

Farrah Abraham's Amazon Wish List Obviously Includes Multiple Crochet Monokinis

She even tried to take photos with another visit the site famous patient staying at the center "Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil. During her week-long stay, Abraham was almost asked to leave on more than one occasion. Uri Schanker/FilmMagic Abraham was asked to leave on more than one occasion, but was given a second chance Radar reports. RELATED: FARRAH ABRAHAM UPRADES HER BREASTS FROM C-CUP TO D-CUP "Farrah pleaded with them to stay last week and pledged her commitment to the program," the source added.
Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/farrah-abraham-booted-rehab-disruptive-behavior-article-1.1393705

What rehab? Cheerful Farrah Abraham hits the beach in a bikini and goes jogging during break from alcohol abuse treatment

As The Cut notes, wish lists are common in the sex industry -- enough porn stars have them that there is a Complex roundup of the top 20 . With her "private tape made public," Farrah is definitively eligible for this kind of thing, although she lists her occupation(s) as " Mother, Model, NY Times Best Selling Author, TV Personality, [and] Chef ," which leaves "Porn Star" conspicuously missing. Anyway, if you are unaffected by the unsettling juxtaposition of a Tinkerbell Plush Doll and a Sequin Cabaret Bikini, here are some of the blatantly outrageous things that you can buy for Farrah : Various crochet monkinis ... ...assorted sequin pool wear ...
Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/21/farrah-abraham-amazon_n_3789648.html

Farrah Abraham Flaunts Bikini Body, New Pics Pop Up While She's in Rehab

Farrah showed off her extremely slender figure and surgically enhanced breasts in a coral pink bikini with gold chain straps as she hit the beach before going jogging. Day out of rehab: Farrah Abraham sports a bright coral bikini on a day off from rehab in Florida on Sunday Farrah didn't waste the opportunity to show off her washboard tummy in a black crop top and tiny shorts for her sun soaked workout. Earlier she had worn a mint green maxi-dress with a slit up the side while chatting on the phone as she left the centre. And she seems to be enjoying her stint in Florida, tweeting last week: 'I Love #PalmBeach,' before posting a photograph of some July 4 beads with the caption: 'Grilling out and fireworks xo.' The controversial star also promised fans a 'new Farrah' after her treatment. 'Thank God I'm around therapists sop they can see what BS is in my life, time to cut out the drama :' she wrote on her Twitter page. 'See a new Farrah soon!
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2358387/Farrah-Abraham-hits-beach-bikini-goes-jogging-break-alcohol-abuse-treatment.html

She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to six months probation, ordered her to attend an alcohol education class and pay a $500 fine. She was also prohibited from consuming alcohol during her probation, her driving privileges were revoked for 60 days and she had to install an ignition interlock in her car, forcing her to submit to a breathalyzer test before she can drive. Abraham who released a sex tape with porn star James Deen in Maysays she entered treatment to deal with her alcohol issues stemming from her DUI. VIDEO: Watch Farrah's music video Ralph Notaro / Splash News "At this time in my life I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life," the former MTV reality star told Radar Online . "I'm 22 and I want to make better choices and ensure I can recognize when I am putting myself in a bad situation next time." Farrah is currently being monitored by a sober companion in the outpatient program and is free to go about her daily life.
Source: http://www.eonline.com/news/437234/farrah-abraham-flaunts-bikini-body-while-in-rehab-see-the-pics

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