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Back To The Day Job! Kristina And Karissa Shannon Sport Tiny And Tight Dresses As They Host Lingerie Party

The Playboy star exploded with rage after fellow housemate Denise Welch exposed her bottom on the show by pulling her pyjama bottoms down during a drunken night. Following the incident, she went in the diary room and told Big Brother: "I want to leave, I'm ready to go home now. "Denise just tried to pull my pants down for no reason. You're gonna show my ass on TV, that's for sure. "I'm not cool with that so I'm going to sue you guys.
Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/news/karissa-shannon-to-sue-celebrity-big-brother_1287154

Not short of confidence: Kristina showed off her slim figure in a dark clingy dress which she teamed with black heels She too wore her hair in a high ponytail, but opted for curls, and finished off her look with a pair of gold glittery platform heels. Both sisters were sporting serious tans that clearly weren't the outcome of holidaying in London, but no doubt they'll be sporting the real thing soon enough. Kristina revealed on her Twitter page yesterday that the pair were heading back to California this morning for a 'couple of weeks for business.' We're experts at this! The blonde pair were more than happy to pose for quite a while before they made their way inside the venue However, it is unsure how prepared they will be for their flight back as she also tweeted that her and her sister were 'going hard' last night. Karissa and Karissa have been enjoying fame in the UK ever since they appeared on the Channel 5 reality show last month, where they made it to the final and came in fifth place.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2105812/Kristina-Karissa-Shannon-sport-tiny-tight-dresses-host-lingerie-party-London.html

Who is Karissa Shannon?

Celebrity Big Brother girls have already taken their clothes off (Pics:Channel5) Image 1 Given that theyre all famous for being glamour models, its no surprise that Georgia Salpa and Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon spent most of their first 24 hours in the house in a state of undress. Waking up bright and early to kick start their morning beauty routines, Irish beauty Georgia and Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa wasted no time in stripping down into their bikinis for a marathon bathroom session. Georgia demonstrated why shes such a successful lingerie model in an orange ruffled bikini to wash her body (but not her hair in the shower). Meanwhile the twins washed their hair (but not their bodies) in blue and pink halterneck string bikinis. We dont know which one is which yet. Celebrity Big Brother girls have already taken their clothes off (Pics:Channel5) Image 2 Celebrity Big Brother girls have already taken their clothes off (Pics:Channel5) Image 5 Celebrity Big Brother girls have already taken their clothes off (Pics:Channel5) Image 4 Celebrity Big Brother girls have already taken their clothes off (Pics:Channel5) Image 3 In the video below, its quite amusing to watch Georgia blatantly checking herself out in the mirror, before running across the room and jiggling her natural boobies about a bit. Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Georgia Salpa and Kristina and Karissa Shannon in their bikinis (Pic: Channel 5) Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Karissa Shannon (Pic: Channel 5) Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Georgia Salpa and Kristina and Karissa Shannon in their bikinis (Pic: Channel 5) Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Kristina Shannon (Pic: Channel 5) Later, the three girls decided to have a cosy hot tub, with Georgia clearly deciding that it was time to change her bikini (perhaps the other one got a bit of jam on it or something). Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Gareth gives Denise a massage (Pic: Channel 5) Meanwhile, Denise Welch was also getting naked in the living room, lying on the floor as she received a back rub from comfortable looking Gareth Thomas (a great friend-making plan there). Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Natasha and Nicole chat (Pic: Channel 5) But the bonding didnt stop there, even Natasha and Nicola were also getting cosy in the bedroom, having a long chat after deciding to sleep next to each other. From Twitter spats to high fives across their beds very strange.
Source: http://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/celebrity-big-brother-bikini-off-as-georgia-171140

Celebrity Big Brother bikini-off as Georgia Salpa and Playboy twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon strip down in front of housemates

A girls' night in went horribly wrong in the Celebrity Big Brother this week and it's left one of the Playboy twins, Karissa Shannon threatening to sue the show. Fuelled by the alcohol that Frankie Cocozza just about managed to win in his spelling bee task, Karissa was dancing on the sofa with her twin sister Kristina and footballer's wife Nicola Mclean when Denise Welch decided that it would be a laugh if she pulled Karissa's pyjama bottoms down. Her playful actions rubbed the Playmate up the wrong way and sparked an argument that eventually embroiled all of the housemates, whether they wanted to get involved or not. All four of the girls seemed to be enjoying their 'girls' night in' - not that a night out is actually an option whilst they are locked in the TV house, of course - when all hell broke loose and Karissa tried to demand to the show's producers that they agree not to show her bare bottom on national TV. During her time in the Diary Room, she also tried to insist that she was leaving - with or without her twin, and accused Frankie Cocozza of 'sexual harassment.' Speaking to Big Brother, she said "You're going to show my *ss on TV, that's for sure. I'm not cool with that so I'm going to sue you guys. My management's not going to be ok with this." The bum-baring incident happened whilst the girls drank beers and danced to Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.' Denise had already decided to bare her breasts to the cameras and not for the first time.
Source: http://www.contactmusic.com/news/karissa-shannon-to-sue-big-brother-over-bare-bottom_1286523

'I feel disrespected': Tearful Playboy model Karissa Shannon threatens to quit Celebrity Big Brother after Denise Welch pulls her trousers down

Not happy at all: Former glamour model Nicola looked http://www.karissashannontape.net/ angry as she told Denise exactly what she thought of her Red faced: This isn't the first argument that Denise has had in the house following her fiery relationship with Michael Madsen The whole house was embroiled in the battle with even Gareth and Frankie getting caught in the cross-fire at one point. Nicola told Denise: 'You'll be embarrassed when you watch it back', and told Frankie that she wasn't speaking to him. Frankie hit back and told the WAG that she had changed since Natalie Cassidy left the house. Dirty mind: Frankie defended Denise during the fight but has been guilty of making lewd jokes and suggestions to the girls The morning after the night before a sober Denise approached Nicola and tried to rectify the situation. She said: 'I just want to apologise if what I said upset you and for the way I said it.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2090853/Celebrity-Big-Brother-2012-Karissa-Shannon-threatens-quit-Denise-Welch.html

Karissa Shannon - Karissa Shannon To Sue Big Brother Over Bare Bottom

reality series, The Girls Next Door. (Crystal Harris would replace Holly Madison as Hef's "Number One" girlfriend who gets to share Hefner's bed. Lucky her.) Not long after being knighted girlfriends, details of the girls' checkered past started to hit the news. In St Petersburg, Florida in January 2007, the twins were charged with aggravated assault after they reportedly got into a fight with two other people at a house party. They were put on probation and required to pay restitution, but the arrest came on the heels of Karissa's previous misdemeanor battery charge in November 2007. Nice. For more legit attention, " The Shannons " also appeared as Miss July and Miss August 2009 in the double issue of Playboy and have a minor, brief cameo in Sofia Coppola's new film, Somewhere.
Source: http://www.sheknows.com/entertainment/articles/817350/Who-is-Karissa-Shannon

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