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Farrah Abraham Vs. Bethenny Frankel: Battle Of The Vapid Bitches

But I knew it was a big ordeal when people started calling my moms house asking about it, he continues, I think a lot of people give her a bad rap. She might not have the best reputation in the media right now, but I think shes improved herself a lot, and shes fixed a lot of the past mistakes she made. Shes young, shes made some mistakes, just like everybody. And Dawe doesnt agree with the way MTV treated Farrah and other young girls, saying he blames them for some of the messed up things shes gotten herself into.Even though Ive been on reality TV before, I think the culture of reality television, especially with younger people, is very damaging. The fact that MTV and Viacom exploit 16-year-old girls its clear they dont care about the long term or the mental health of these people, and its a travesty that they are willing to sacrifice integrity for entertainment.
Source: http://rumorfix.com/2013/10/farrah-abrahams-boyfriend-brian-dawe-is-a-true-gentleman/

Of course she is and she has that "mom" tattoo to prove it. Bethenny ended her show with these words for Farrah: "Sometimes it's hard to hear things from other women motherhood is a very intense topic but try toembrace some it without hearing the frustration. I hope this experience takes you down another road." Is Farrah Abraham Dating A Celebrity DJ? Perfect little Farrah embrace criticism? BWAHAHA!
Source: http://www.realitytea.com/2013/10/28/farrah-abraham-bashes-bethenny-frankel-for-being-rude-and-disrespectful/

Farrah Abraham Says Bethenny Frankel is "Against Women" and "Rude"

Farrah says she wants to update the cover because "Sofia is cute" now. Then again, she says Sofia should get a life , so take that with a boulder of salt. Also, does that mean Sofia was not cute then? Just look at her?
Source: http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/11/farrah-abraham-really-wants-new-book-cover-for-some-reason/

Ironically enough, the segment Abraham was brought on for is entitled no judgment, which is just fucking impossible and if Farrah had anything but semen in her skull shed have seen it was a total set up from the start. But since she doesnt, and the fame whore in her cant turn down any opportunity to be seen on screen, Abraham agreed to go on and then was shocked that bitches werent falling at her feet begging her for parenting advice. One point of contention for the biddies in the audience is Abrahams open admittance of waxing and plucking her 4 year old daughters eyebrows. Sophia has a case of the Italian and so her eyebrows are genetically predisposed to want to make sweet love to each other. So as soon as Sophia was old enough to repeat the phrase No, I want this! Farrah was all over that shit with tweezers. One audience member said Abraham was teaching her daughter that she needed separate eyebrows to be pretty, which while totally true is pretty mean to teach a child so young. Abraham got pissed off and Farrah Abraham sex video said that bitch was taking shit out of context and she was totes wrong. Which is the truth, because if anything is going to teach Sophia that beauty is actually only skin deep itll be her 75% plastic mother. Abraham left the interview feeling that she was set up and Bethenny was just a total bitch who only asked Abraham on to judge her and make her feel bad (ding ding ding).
Source: http://www.hecklerspray.com/farrah-abraham-vs-bethenny-frankel-battle-vapid-bitches/2013105830.php

Then, she brought up very old misconstrued tabloid topics like my daughters unibrow and had judgmental women who were in the audience act disrespectful towards me and twist my opinion as a mother, I care about my daughters hygiene to suggest Sophia would not be beautiful, even if she had a unibrow. It was rude and I felt Bethenny siding with these women and their untrue statements. Even though Frankel came to Abraham's defense during the show, the adult film star had nothing but nasty things to say about the former Real Housewives of New York City star. During the show, she brought up my sex toy line and tried to encourage the audience to not buy my line because Im a Teen Mom and thats all I will ever be.' Overall, Bethenny seems to be in a dark place in her life and it was shocking to see how against women she really is. I hope she comes to better terms with herself so she can be a better mother, move on from her divorce and be a better television host. I wish her all the best in her future and her career. This was very rude as my life has moved on from all of this, plus, it made no sense at all being the first release of the sex toys are for men not women.
Source: http://www.celebuzz.com/2013-10-28/farrah-abraham-says-bethenny-frankel-is-against-women-and-rude/

Farrah Abraham Angered By Poor Treatment On Bethenny Frankel?s Talk Show

18, 2013. Credit: PacificCoastNews.com After showing off all of herself in the porn flick, Farrah Superstar Backdoor Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham seems to be ready to settle down and tame her party girl ways. The former Teen Mom star took her rumored relationship with DJ Brian Dawe public on Oct. 18. PHOTOS: Farrah Abraham's bikini body The duo was all over each other as they walked around Orlando, Florida smooching, holding hands, and sharing a candlelit dinner. According to The Daily Mail , Abraham, 22, has been dating Dawe for five months.
Source: http://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/farrah-abraham-new-rumored-boyfriend-dj-brian-dawe-20132210

Farrah Abraham Goes Public With New Rumored Boyfriend, DJ Brian Dawe

According to Farrah, Bethennys promise was an understanding ear and fair treatment. Before going on the show, I was told that it would be a positive and inspirational talk for mothers and business women. The reality star claims that all this went by the wayside as soon as she arrived on the set of Bethenny Frankels talk show. As soon as I met Bethenny, it turned into a judgmental zone. She did not like how I valued my daughters opinionand care so much about her that I allow her to have her own voice. This would all be problematic enough, but Farrah was most incensed when members of Bethennys audience brought up old misconstrued tabloid topicslike my daughters unibrow. Not only did Bethenny fail to quiet these angry audience members, Farrah feels the talk show host was blatantly siding with these women and their untrue statements. Did you catch Farrah Abrahams appearance on Bethenny Frankels talk show?
Source: http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/2013/10/29/farrah-abraham-angered-by-poor-treatment-on-bethenny-frankels-talk-show/

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