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'teen Mom' Sex Tape: Adam Lind & Farrah Abraham To Star?

Adam loves what Farrah has done with her Teen Mom career. He thinks they could really rake in a lot of money since theyre both celebrities. Abrahams journey into porn started off quite controversial. When word hit the web that she had starred in a Teen Mom sex tape, Abraham, who is the mother of 5-year-old Sophia, denied the existence of a film. However, after photos surfaced of her at the Vivid Entertainment offices in Los Angeles with porn star James Deen, it became clear Abraham had taken part in the racy business venture. After Vivid Entertainment purchased the film, it was released online and in stores and broke a record for views, which had previously been set by Abrahams fellow reality star, Kim Kardashian, who starred alongside rapper Ray J in Kim Kardashian Superstar. Although it was never confirmed, Abraham was reportedly paid over $1 million for the film, plus bonuses. Following the videos release, Abraham was accused of lying after claiming the tape was made for her personal use and not to sell. Abraham was also accused of lying about claims she was raped while on tour to promote the film. After she went public with her rape claims, Farrah Abraham sex tape she was challenged to a lie detector test.
Source http://www.inquisitr.com/1671990/teen-mom-sex-tape-coming-soon-adam-lind-wants-to-make-a-film-with-farrah-abraham-report/

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